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extra strong underfloor boxes
Made of 3 mm thick aluminium corrugated sheet metal. With the 3 sizes of 23, 35 and 46 litres, ALUTEC MÜNCHEN underfloor boxes for HGVs, trailers and pickup trucks are the ideal additional storage space for ratchet straps, tarpaulins, tools etc.

Truck 23

Aluminiumkisten, Truck 23<br>41023 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, Truck 23<br>41023 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 400 x 250 x 230

Exterior dimensions in mm: 425 x 265 x 260

Truck 35

Aluminiumkisten, Truck 35<br>41035 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, Truck 35<br>41035 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 600 x 250 x 230

Exterior dimensions in mm: 625 x 265 x 260

Truck 46

Aluminiumkisten, Truck 46<br>41047 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, Truck 46<br>41047 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 800 x 250 x 230

Exterior dimensions in mm: 825 x 265 x 260


Made of alloyed, high strength, weatherproof 3 mm aluminium corrugated sheet metal


Folding lid with tethers


Stainless steel closure


Example application


Truck fitting set

Fitting set for underfloor boxes consists of 4 mounting brackets, 8 screws M8, 8 nuts M8 self-locking, 8 washers

Item no. 42001



Type Item
Internal dimensions in mm L x W x H External dimensions in mm L x W x H Contents
TRUCK 23 41023 400 x 250 x 230 425 x 265 x 260 23 6,70 Unterflurbox 23
TRUCK 35 41035 600 x 250 x 230 625 x 265 x 260 35 8,60 Unterflurbox 35
TRUCK 46 41047 800 x 250 x 230 825 x 265 x 260 46 11,70 Unterflurbox 46

Clearance dimensions approx. 50 mm less than interior dimensions. Subject to technical and visual changes.

ALUTEC Aluminiumboxen Piktogramm

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