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Suitable for use on Euro pallets, these open ALUTEC MÜNCHEN aluminium transport boxes of the LOGIC series with 0.8 mm wall thickness

are designed for use by logistics firms and in storerooms.
Self-folding safety handles allow secure handling – even when wearing gloves. Whether in production, trade or commerce, these practical stacking boxes can be put to use everywhere. Aluminium profiles that run around the base and top edge and stiffeners running all the way round give these boxes optimal stability even under the harshest industrial conditions.

Our practical sizes

Logic 191
Logic 191 Art.Nr.: 15191
Volumen: 191
Inner dim.:
740 x 550 x 465
Outer dim.:
768 x 575 x 480
Logic 145
Logic 145 Art.Nr.: 15145
Volumen: 145
Inner dim.:
740 x 550 x 355
Outer dim.:
768 x 575 x 370
Logic 69
Logic 69 Art.Nr.: 15069
Volumen: 69
Inner dim.:
550 x 350 x 355
Outer dim.:
578 x 375 x 370
Logic 49
Logic 49 Art.Nr.: 15049
Volumen: 49
Inner dim.:
550 x 350 x 255
Outer dim.:
578 x 375 x 270
Logic 32
Logic 32 Art.Nr.: 15032
Volumen: 32
Inner dim.:
350 x 255 x 355
Outer dim.:
378 x 280 x 370
Logic 23
Logic 23 Art.Nr.: 15023
Volumen: 23
Inner dim.:
350 x 255 x 255
Outer dim.:
378 x 280 x 270


Shock-pro­of and di­men­sio­nal­ly sta­ble

Shock-pro­of and di­men­sio­nal­ly sta­ble due to em­bos­sed cir­c­um­fe­ren­ti­al cre­a­sing

Euro pal­let com­p­li­ant di­men­si­ons

Euro pal­let com­p­li­ant di­men­si­ons

Rein­forced by alu­mi­ni­um pro­file2

Rein­forced by alu­mi­ni­um pro­files on box and lid

 0.8 mm thick aluminium logic

Light, sta­ble, re­sis­tant to cor­ro­si­on, wea­the­ring and tem­pe­ra­tu­re va­ria­ti­ons made of 0.8 mm thick alu­mi­ni­um.

stackable _logic

Secure and stackable to save space

self-folding safety handles logic

Ummantelte und rutschfeste Sicherheits-Klapphandgriffe


Wheel set
Wheel set

Consists of 4 swivel wheels (2 with brakes).
Max. payload 100 kg. 

For use at the series CLASSIC, COMFORT, INDUSTRY and LOGIC

Item no. 20011

Technical specifications

Logic 23
Typ Art.-No. Inner mm
(L x W x H)
Outer mm
(L x W x H)
Logic 19115191740 x 550 x 465768 x 575 x 4801914,91
Logic 14515145740 x 550 x 355768 x 575 x 3701454,13
Logic 6915069550 x 350 x 355578 x 375 x 370692,81
Logic 4915049550 x 350 x 255578 x 375 x 270492,37
Logic 3215032350 x 255 x 355378 x 280 x 370321,78
Logic 2315023350 x 255 x 255378 x 280 x 270231,48
Lichtes Durchgangsmaß ca. 20 mm geringer als Innenmaß. Technische und optische Änderungen vorbehalten.

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We offer aluminum boxes for almost unlimited uses which, thanks to our own development and production, have an exceptionally high utility value and quality.

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