Universal aluminum boxes for all areas in everyday life

Our corporate concept –

innovative, market oriented and geared to the future

Globally active, anchored locally. We design and manufacture products that stimulate the market. Since the company was founded in 1991, the head office of ALUTEC MÜNCHEN have been close to Munich. All of the solutions and services we provide relating to our products can be found concentrated here. 
As a partner for wholesalers and speciality markets, we have a clear performance promise:  

100% customer satisfaction

Our world is getting more and more mobile and the same is true for the equipment that accompanies commercial and private activities. Our various ranges of aluminium boxes offer highly practical solutions for areas such as transport, storage, logistics and leisure.

Everything from one source – thanks to our own development and production facilities, dynamic sales and rapid service, we are able to offer precisely what the customer wants – a business counterpart with an attractive product range that leaves nothing to be desired.

Across our entire product portfolio, we are flexible when it comes to orders for small or large numbers of items. Always ready to advise on service queries, with us you have a dependable partner at your side who delivers on time from in-house production or own stocks.

Your extra value –

"powered by ALUTEC MÜNCHEN"

Why should you decide in favour of ALUTEC MÜNCHEN as a partner?
Because you will find us to be a strong partner. A partner who offers you what your customers want – best quality products at fair prices and excellent service – simply everything that you could expect from a German partner.

ALUTEC offers aluminium boxes, stackable containers and transport boxes

We are a highly capable expert in this field thanks to many years of experience in the design, production and sale of high-quality aluminium boxes, transport boxes and other transport containers and stackable containers.

We supply the specialist trade, the wholesale trade, market chains and the mail order business with our aluminium boxes, transport boxes, treadplate boxes and other products such as boxes for truck flatbeds, and flagpoles made of aluminium. Our aluminium boxes and transport boxes are highly versatile and make a convincing impression through their top quality, long life and trouble-free handling.

Each stackable container, each aluminium box and each transport box made of aluminium is assembled by hand and given a final check so that our customers can be sure that they will receive a high-quality product. In addition to our standardized transport boxes and aluminium boxes, etc., we can also produce special customized versions to meet customer requirements, if the order is large enough.

Our Internet site gives you an overview of what we offer in the way of aluminium boxes, transport boxes and other products such as flagpoles or tool walls. ALUTEC München GmbH is looking forward to your order.

Take a look through our range: