For 25 years:

Universal aluminum boxes for all areas in everyday life

C-box series

Extra-robust aluminium box series made of 1 mm thick aluminium sheet for the protection of delicate or heavy items such as machines for tradesmen, tools or photographic equipment.

C 29

Aluminiumkisten, C 29 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, C 29 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 400 x 300 x 245

Exterior dimensions in mm: 432 x 335 x 277

C 47

Aluminiumkisten, C 47 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, C 47 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 550 x 350 x 245

Exterior dimensions in mm: 582 x 385 x 277

C 76

Aluminiumkisten, C 76 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, C 76 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 560 x 350 x 380

Exterior dimensions in mm: 592 x 385 x 409

C 91

Aluminiumkisten, C 91 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, C 91 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 750 x 350 x 350

Exterior dimensions in mm: 782 x 385 x 379

C 140

Aluminiumkisten, C 140 Aluboxen
Aluminiumkisten, C 140 Aluboxen

Interior dimensions in mm: 870 x 460 x 350

Exterior dimensions in mm: 902 x 495 x 379

C-box series

Aluminium thickness:

Made of 1 mm thick aluminium.

C-box series

Extremely robust  

through the use of generously
sized aluminium profiles for
additional reinforcement of the
1 mm thick aluminium sheets.

C-box series

Light, robust and
dimensionally stable

through corrugations running all the way round.

C-box series

Clamping lever closure

Robust lever clamping closures with holes for a padlock or lead seal as well as preparation for the installation of cylinder locks. 

C-box series

Folding safety handles

The self-folding and robust safety handles are hand-friendly due to a PAH-tested plastic coating.

C-box series

Resistant to corrosion,
weathering and temperature

The high-quality aluminium
enclosure protects the contents against moisture, heat and cold.

C-box series

Rubber seal all the way round

The rubber seal running all the way round protects the contents against dust and sprayed water.

C-box series

Check straps on the folding lid

Two check straps prevent the
hinges from tearing out.

C-box series

Cylinder lock

The cylinder lock with two unique or two identical keys can easily be retrofitted. Simply remove the knockout in the folding closure, insert the lock and fix it in place with the fork spring - all done.

Lock with two identical keys

Art. No. 31001

Lock with two unique keys

Art. No. 31001 V

C-box series

Wheel kit

Set of easy to install large plastic wheels for easy transport. To install them it is only necessary to drill two holes of 8.5 mm diameter.

Suitable for box series C and D

Art. Nr. 36500

C-box series

Cube foam transport protection

Our aluminium boxes can be equipped with
individually adjustable cut foam blocks to protect
delicate and breakable items such as glass,
measuring instruments, photographic equipment or electronic components during transport. The sets
are made up of several cut foam blocks, each with
a base block and a napped foam block for the lid.

Suitable for boxes with volumes of 29, 47, 76, 91
and 140 litres.

Art. No. 36029
Art. No. 36047
Art. No. 36076
Art. No. 36091
Art. No. 36140

C-box series

Partition set

Glue on the guide profiles and insert the dividers - and the arrangement is perfect. This divider set is made up of self-adhesive guide rails and 4 dividers made of light metal. The dividers can be inserted at
intervals of 50 mm as required.

Suitable for boxes of series B, C, D in sizes 47, 76 and 90/91 litres. Not suitable for the type B 70.

Art. No. 31010 

Type Artikel
Internal dimensions in mm L x W x H External dimensions in mm L x W x H Contents
C 29 30029 400 x 300 x 245 432 x 335 x 277 29 3 1
C 47 30045 550 x 350 x 245 582 x 385 x 277 47 4.2 3
C 76 30076 560 x 350 x 380 592 x 385 x 409 76 5.1 2
C 91 30086 750 x 350 x 350 782 x 385 x 379 91 5.9 2
C 140 30140 870 x 460 x 350 902 x 495 x 379 140 7.5 2
ALUTEC Aluminiumboxen Piktogramm

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